Citation Guide


How to Cite Information from ProQuest Learning: Literature in your work

There are many different citation styles - ask your teacher which format he or she recommends. So long as you are consistent and remember to record the necessary details, you are writing good references.

So what are the necessary details?

When citing information - text, audio, video or image - you have found in ProQuest Learning: Literature, be sure to include the details of the original printed work. All the necessary details for most citation formats, including author, publication details and page numbers, are recorded with the item to be cited.

However, there is also the matter of indicating that you found the piece in ProQuest Learning: Literature. Most citation styles require that when referencing Web sites you record the name of the site (usually underlined), the date on which you took your quotation, and the URL of the site (usually in angle brackets: < >).

For specific examples citing works referenced in ProQuest Information and Learning products, just download the ProQuest Citation Guide. The Guide provides step-by-step instructions for citing the information you find using ProQuest Learning: Literature.

Remember! Ask your teacher which citation format (MLA, APA or Turabian) is preferred!

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